Hair Relaxing in Brooklyn

Want to switch up your curls or kinks? Looking for a treatment that leaves your hair soft, straight, and easy to manage? A relaxing treatment for curly hair may be just what you need!

A hair relaxing treatment works to break down the bonds in your hair, enabling curly, kinky and coiled textures to straighten out. Our team of experts at Just Because Hair Therapy Salon has been specializing in chemical hair relaxer applications for years and have the expert skills and high-quality products you need to get beautiful results!

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Just Because Hair Therapy Salon’s Hair Relaxing Treatment Experts

We pride ourselves on being able to pull off expert relaxing treatments while maintaining that hair health is our top priority. It is so important that you know how to protect your hair in the best ways possible. We can help you do that!

Getting Your Hair Relaxed With Us

Having your hair relaxed by an experienced and professional team ensures that you are getting the hair treatment that you deserve. Our top of the line conditioning products and scalp protecting treatments will ensure that the relaxer treatment is comfortable and safe.

Relaxer Treatment Procedure

Our relaxer treatment usually takes about one to three hours, depending on the texture and the thickness of your hair. The hair will be divided, the treatment will be carefully applied, and we will finish with a shampoo and conditioner.

Our shampoo and conditioners have nutrients in them that will replace the nutrients lost during the chemical process, this means that your hair will feel soft and healthy when you leave the salon.

Many of our clients also like to have their hair styled after the treatment to put the finishing touch on the hair transformation!

At Home Care

It is important to properly care for your mane once you have had a hair relaxing treatment. Here are a few quick tips from our experts:

  • Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated.
  • Regularly condition your hair.
  • Do not apply heat or other irritates to your hair after it’s been relaxed.

Hair Salon Relaxer Appointments

Our salon hair relaxing treatments must be preceded by an in-depth consultation. The consultation allows us to look at your hair and talk to you about its history. We can conduct a strand test to test the strength of your locks and then come up with a customized hair plan just for you!

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We have been working with individuals with curly, kinky, and coiled hair for years, and hair relaxing treatments have become one of our most popular services!

If you are looking for a trusted team of stylists to give you the high-quality hair relaxing treatment you’ve been dreaming of, let us do your hair!

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