Life lessons from Mom

Life lessons from Mom

I am celebrating my mom today by sharing some special memories. Even though she did not give birth to me, I felt that she did (big shout out to the Stepmommy).

I miss her so much and I’m so grateful for the life lessons she taught me. Her oh-so charming words of encouragement have made me the person I am today! Whenever I complained about anything, she would say to me: “Carolseta” – ‘Little Carol’ is what she would call me at times – “you need to grasp life like a man of brittle.”

Or whenever I got invited to go to a party or event and she and Daddy wouldn’t let me go, she would say, “not every bell that rings should be answered.”

And there is another saying that has helped me to this day – “there is no such word as can’t.” With every step I have taken, she has guided me. She never doubted or questioned my ambitions. “Hold onto your dreams – they are your dreams,” she would say.

I did kind of let go of some of my dreams. But, in this lockdown and after facing no income for months, I gained strength from my Mom’s life lessons. Thank you so much, Sylvia! I am refocused. I’m sending you my love and will always look up to heaven for your support. BIG HUGS.

Surviving the struggle

Surviving the struggle

We’ll be honest; it hasn’t been an easy ride. Shutting down the business for those few months was tough, but necessary. I thought about my clients, the business, and my overall well-being.

Our priority is always to be there for you.​ At ​Just Because Salon​, your safety and satisfaction are important to us. We’re passionate about delivering excellent service and top quality, but we felt emotionally lost and defeated.

The first few days, I stayed in bed, rested, and prayed. Suddenly it dawned on me; we’d have to adjust to better serve you during this time.

Learning to Pivot

During the shutdown, I launched virtual consultations with clients to help them continue their beauty treatments at home. We showed customers how to shampoo, apply hair treatment, and shared our favorite products to help make hair care a little easier. The response was overwhelming. Some of my clients hadn’t shampooed and styled their own hair for years, so it was all new to them.

St. Charles products, ​my hair product line, also got a revamp, complete with new labels, and a new website redesign to make it easier to find what you need. ​Thank you for your support. We love sending out orders all over the world, including Atlanta, South Carolina, Florida, England, Denmark, and of course, Brooklyn.

We’re in business because of you – our customers.​ Learning to pivot the business wasn’t an easy task, and we’re still learning how to adapt. Whether you need natural hair styling, color therapy, or hair and scalp treatments, Just Because Salon is open for business and welcoming new clients.

The biggest takeaway was learning to find faith and rest in it and trust in it. ​I survived.

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